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Wood River Fire Department - Wood River Illinois

Patient Medical Record forms are available in the event of an emergency. The form can be presented to the responding agency for quicker evaluation and proper treatment of a patient. This form lets us know your current/past medical history and any medications currently being used. This form can be posted in your home such as on the refrigerator for easy access. Any questions on completing this form please feel free to contact the Wood River Fire Department.

The Illinois Child Passenger Protection Act requires anyone who transports children in Illinois in non-commercial vehicles to do so in the following manner:

  • Children under age 8 must be secured in an approved child restraint system, more commonly known as a child safety seat. Child safety seats include infant seats, convertible seats (rear facing for infants and forward facing for toddlers) and booster seats that are used with the vehicle lap and shoulder belt system.
  • Children weighing more than 40 pounds may be transported in the back seat of a motor vehicle while wearing only a lap belt if the back seat is not equipped with a lap and shoulder belt system for booster seat installation.
  • Children ages 8 through 15 must be secured either in a safety seat or by a safety belt in any position in the vehicle.
  • The parent or legal guardian of a child under the age of 8 years is responsible for providing a child safety seat to anyone who transports his or her child.
  • Every person under the age of 18 years who transports a child 8 years of age and older (up to 18 years) is responsible for securing that child in a properly adjusted and fastened safety belt.
  • Those found in violation of the law the first time will be fined $50, which is waived upon proof of possession of an approved seat. The fine for subsequent violations is $100.

Children with physical disabilities that prevent the use of standard safety seats are exempt from the provisions of the law if the disability is duly certified by a physician.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's web site has plenty of additional information relating to child safety seats, including a usage chart (which includes weight considerations) and a One Minute Safety Seat Checklist.

PLEASE NOTE: It is nationally recommended that all children age 12 and under ride in the back seat.

Anyone wishing to have a car seat installed or a safety check performed you can find a location from the following website: .

CPR Instruction
The Wood River Fire Department has certified instructors for ‘CPR/AED for the Community’, ‘CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer’, and ‘Basic First Aid’. All Classes will be held at the Wood River Fire Dept/ Central Station (501 E. Edwardsville Rd). Please call the department to inquire about classes. A nominal fee is charged in order for us to instruct the class, minimum of 4 students is required to make a class.

CPR/AED for the Community: This class is designed to prepare the average citizen to perform CPR and apply an AED, if available, to a person in sudden cardiac arrest, most commonly called a heart attack.

CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer: This class is designed to prepare a professional rescuer to perform CPR, apply and AED, and the use of airway adjuncts normally used for a professional rescuer. This class prepares the student to perform as an individual or as a member of a team.

Basic First Aid: This class takes your CPR and medical skills to the next level. You will learn how to assess a person in distress and develop skills to provide basic care until a more definitive care provider arrives. 

The Basic First Aid class will cover basic info on the following:

  • Patient Assessment (Determining if they are responsive or unresponsive, making the decision to start CPR)
  • Soft-Tissue Injuries (Bleeding and correctly controlling the bleeding)
  • Muscle and Bone Injuries (Head, Neck, & Back injuries. Applying splints and keeping spinal motion restrictions of a patient)
  • Facial Injuries (Eyes, nose, & mouth)
  • Burns (Severity of burn)
  • Sudden Illness (Stroke, Diabetic, Asthma, Allergies & Seizures)
  • Poisoning (Ingested & Inhaled)
  • Bites and Stings (Snake, Spider, & Animal)
  • Environmental (Heat, Cold)

Facts about CPR
Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in adults. Most arrests occur in persons with underlying heart disease.
CPR doubles a person's chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest.
75% of all cardiac arrests happen in people's homes.
The typical victim of cardiac arrest is a man in his early 60's and a woman in her late 60's.
Cardiac arrest occurs twice as frequently in men compared to women.
CPR was invented in 1960
There has never been a case of HIV transmitted by mouth-to-mouth CPR.
In sudden cardiac arrest the heart goes from a normal heartbeat to a quivering rhythm called ventricular fibrillation (VF). This happens in approximately 2/3rds of all cardiac arrests. VF is fatal unless an electric shock, called defibrillation, can be given. CPR does not stop VF but CPR extends the window of time in which defibrillation can be effective.
CPR provides a trickle of oxygenated blood to the brain and heart and keeps these organs alive until defibrillation can shock the heart into a normal rhythm.
If CPR is started within 4 minutes of collapse and defibrillation provided within 10 minutes a person has a 40% chance of survival.

Fire Prevention Inspections
The Wood River Fire Department attempts to inspect each commercial occupancy annually to point out any life safety or fire safety concerns. Upon request we will perform the same service for residences. If you are the property owner or legal tenant of a residence please contact the Wood River Fire Department at 618-259-0984 for details.

Fire Station Tours
Any individual or group wanting to tour the fire station is always welcome. Please feel free to stop by. If possible it is always better to call in advance especially if you have a larger group. Contact the Wood River Fire Department at 618-259-0984 for details.

Leaf Burning Ordinance
It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to burn any trash, garbage, or waste matter within the city except for outdoor burning of leaves, plants, shrubs, and small limbs on private property, on Wednesday and Saturdays only during the time period of October 1st through April 30th of each year, only during daylight hours of each day, only during calm weather periods with winds of less than 10 miles per hour, and the burning shall be supervised and a water hose shall be available to extinguish the fire, if necessary. In addition, outdoor leaf burning must be done at a minimum of 15 feet from any structure and shall include only leaves fallen from trees, plants, and shrubs. No leaf burning shall be allowed on any public street or alley and shall occur on private property only, except leaf burning may be conducted on public property when initiated and supervised by employees of the public agency owning the property. Leaf burning permitted under this section may be prohibited at any time when, in the opinion of the appropriate and proper official of the city of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, that these very conditions are such that open leaf burning would prove harmful to the health or welfare of the citizens of the city.

Bonfire or Portable Outdoor Fire Places
(A) Bonfires are to be at a minimum of 50ft from any structure or combustible material. Bonfires are to not to exceed 5ft in length, 5ft in width, & 5ft in height. Bonfire permit must be obtained from the Fire Chief or appointed designee prior to bonfire event. The burn site has the right to be inspected by the Fire Chief or appointed designee to ensure compliance and safety. 

(B) Portable Outdoor Fire Places are to be built from non-combustible materials such as steel, concrete, clay or any other non-combustible material. A portable outdoor fire place may be open in design, or may be equipped with a small hearth opening and a short chimney or chimney opening on top. Portable fire places shall be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and shall not be operated within 15ft of a structure or combustible material.

All burning (Leaf, Bonfire, or Portable Fire Places) shall be constantly attended to until the fire is extinguished. It is recommended to have fire extinguisher or garden hose available for extinguishment. Any burning that is offensive or objectionable because of smoke emissions or when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fires hazardous shall be prohibited. If any of these conditions exist the Fire Department may order the extinguishment of the fire.

Bee Keeper Listing
If you’re in need of a Bee Keeper or Bee removal please contact any of the keepers listed below. Contact them for rates and availability.



Raymond Chapman

Cell:  618-520-2568 or Home:  618-585-4506

Bob Massa

Home:  618-465-4123

Tom Bauer

Cell:  618-667-2211

Merlin Wagner

Home:  618-656-7593

Dale Neese

Home:  618-254-2953

Wesley Dix

Cell:  618-345-1511

Bruce Kuethey

Cell:  618-980-6940

Ken Petroski

Cell:  618-604-8064 or Home:  618-398-3361

Curtis Loyet

Cell:  618-978-2878

Steve Preston

Home:  618-466-8366 or Work: 618-463-6463 ext. 5120

Shamrock Honey Farms

Work:  618-372-7458 or Cell:  618-780-1786

Cats in Trees
Contrary to popular belief, the Fire Department does not rescue cats, iguanas, baby squirrels, parrots, or other animals from trees. Tree trimming services and arborists have the training and equipment needed to safely do this type of work. Many local tree trimmers and arborists are listed in the yellow pages and can perform this type of work. Most have rescued animals before and will work for a fee ranging from $50 and higher depending on the job. You must negotiate the fee in advance. For more information and tips, please visit

Smoke Detector Installation
Any resident of Wood River can call the Wood River Fire Department at 618-259-0984 and we will gladly come over and assist in installing a smoke or carbon monoxide detector. There is no charge for this service.

Wood River Fire Department - Smoke Alarm InfoSmoke Detectors
Many people ask “Where should I put a smoke detector in my house?”

Where you place smoke detectors depends on the size and layout of your home, and where people sleep in your home. Since the primary job of a smoke detector is to awaken sleeping persons and warn them of urgent danger, put a detector in each sleeping room and place additional detector(s) in the hallway or area by the bedrooms within five feet of the door to these rooms. In a house where the bedrooms are upstairs, one additional detector should be near the top of the stairs to the bedroom area. Each level of your home should have at least one working smoke detector.

Don't put detectors within six inches of where walls and ceilings meet, or near heating and cooling ducts. Detectors located in these areas may not receive the flow of smoke required to activate the alarm.

In homes with more than one sleeping area on the same level or on different levels, a smoke detector should be installed to protect each separate sleeping area. For example, in a one-floor plan with only one sleeping area, the smoke detectors should be placed as shown below.

In homes with more than one sleeping area on the same level or on different levels (top), smoke detectors should be installed to protect each separate sleeping area and in each sleeping room.

Smoke detectors don't need much attention, regular testing and prompt replacement of batteries is all that is needed. Batteries will last approximately one year. If you’re battery-powered detector begins to emit its low-power warning sound (usually short beeps), remove the weak battery and replace it immediately with a fresh one. Have a new battery on hand always. However, if you neglect these requirements, your detector won't do its job if a fire starts. Life span of a smoke detector is usually between 7 – 10 years. If your detector is older than this and causing problems your best plan is to replace it with an updated model.

New construction homes require that smoke detectors be hardwired as well as battery operated. Reason being if one smoke detector activates it will sound all other detected on that hardwire, providing more safety of the occupants.

If you need any assistance in installing or replacing a smoke detector in your home or office please don’t hesitate to contact the Fire Department at 618-259-0984. We would be happy to assist you!

Here is a useful YouTube video on detector placements:

Also see attached picture related to above text for Smoke Detectors.

Tornado Siren Locations - Tornado Sirens are tested on the 1st Tuesday of every month, weather permitting.

Siren #1
100 Block of E. Edwardsville Rd at the corner of Park Ln & E. Edwardsville Rd. The entrance to Eastwood Neighborhood

Siren #2
200 Block of Madison Ave
(Parking lot of Atlas Credit Union)

Siren #4
Corner of Anna & Walcott (In the old Little Italy Neighborhood)

Siren #3
14th Street & Madison Ave
(Street Dept/City Garage)

Siren #5
Corner of Rock Hill Rd & Belk Park Rd (At the Entrance to Belk Park/Golf Course)



Recall Information
For researching any recalls the government has an online resource – a “one stop shop” for U.S. Government recalls. Go to the following link ( and you can search any variety of recalls from consumer products to vehicle to medications and everything in between. There is even a mobile app if you’re interested.

Incident Reports
If you require a copy of the incident report for a Fire or an EMS call the Wood River Fire Department was involved in you can make a request with the Fire Chief. There is a fee to obtain such documents as well as any photo’s or digital media, if applicable.

Incident Report              $10.00
Investigations Report         $10.00
Scene Photo’s (film or digital)  $5.00 plus $1.00 for each picture
                        (All pictures must be purchased)
Picture CD (If Available)       $25.00 per disk
Shipping and Handling Fee   $10.00 (if applicable)

Special pricing or fee waiving may be allowed with the approval of the Fire Chief.

Hazards in the Home
Common hazards are in every home, as an owner, renter, parent, or guardian it’s your responsibility to keep the home safe of these hazards. Listed below are just some items to keep in mind that make the home unsafe, especially for kids.

  • Window Blinds – keep the blind string out of reach to keep kids from getting strangled in them.
  • Furniture Tipping Over – keep in mind if children climb dressers or other furniture and they are not secured they can easily tip crushing the child.
  • Electrical Outlets – If outlets are not in use it’s a good idea to keep them covered.
  • Carbon Monoxide – It’s colorless and odorless and it can harm you. Common signs & symptoms are flu-like symptoms with headaches. Each home with gas utilities should have a working CO detector.
  • Cleaning Agents – Many households keep cleaning agents under the sink or in an unsecure location which if not secured; they can be handled by young children. Know the number to poison control (800-222-1222)
  • Space Heaters – Space heaters in the home can be dangerous, especially older style one that have a heating element exposed. Up to date space heaters should be Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) approved and a fully enclosed designed so that no external surfaces reach temperatures capable of igniting, such as oil filled radiant heaters. 
  • Keep space heaters at least 3 feet from any combustibles that may ignite from the radiant heat.
  • Unit should have thermostatic controls.
  • Unit should have automatic shutoff features, such as being tipped over.
  • Try to plug the heater directly into the wall outlet and keep from using extension cords. If a cord is need make sure it’s not a light-duty cord or a multi outlet strip.
  • Unplug the heater when no in use.
  • Avoid placing heaters in high traffic areas or where children can get to them.


Fire Station
501 E. Edwardsville Rd.  Wood River, IL 62095
Phone 618-259-0984  Fax 618-259-3826

Mailing Address
Wood River Fire Dept.   111 N. Wood River Ave.  Wood River, IL 62095