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Welcome to the Wood River Fire Dept Kids Area, here you can browse to your favorite fire safety website, play games, print coloring pages, or simply just learn about fire safety. Click on the pictures below to take you to your favorite fire safety website. 

Fire safety for kids is a very important topic to discuss with a parent or guardian in your home. The more you know about how to prevent fires and how to act during an emergency the better prepared you’ll be during an actual fire emergency. There are many activities and drills you can do in your home or school to help you prepare for such emergencies, listed below are just a few. 


Wood River Fire DepartmentSTOP, DROP, & ROLL
If you find your clothing caught on fire the WRONG thing to do is to keep running. The correct way to put the fire out is to STOP, DROP, & ROLL. While you’re rolling on the ground use your hands to cover your face. Do what you can to keep the fire from your face and keep rolling back and forth until the fire is out. 


  • When you do see a fire in your home it’s important you get out quickly and safely. Smoke from fire will rise to the ceiling so the safest place during a fire is down low, so GET DOWN, crawl your way out of the house, so GET OUT, and for no reason do you ever go back in, so STAY OUT. Also it’s important for your family to have a meeting place OUTSIDE the home so everyone can meet and make sure they are out safe. 
  • When the Fire Department arrives tell them if anyone is still inside and the last place you think they might have been. Firefighters are trained to go in and find people. If your pet is still inside the firefighters will do their best to save your pet, but for no reason should you go back to save an item or a pet.
  • If everyone is out of the house, be sure to tell the firefighter so they don’t spend time searching for people. They can focus on putting the fire out. 

Kids it’s important you practice your exit drills in the event there is a fire in your home. Always know two ways out of each room in your house. Your bedroom should always have a door and a window. It’s important that you know how to open that window if you need to get out and if your room is on the 2nd floor or higher you may need to ask Mom and/or Dad how you plan on getting out that window to the ground. Mom and/or Dad might need to get you a rope ladder to hang from the window so you can climb down safely. If a ladder is not available and you can’t jump, the best thing for you to do is get your bed sheet and hang it out the window to alert the firefighters that someone may be in that room.

  • Your bedroom should never be in the basement with window you can’t open or with no windows at all. If you bedroom is on the basement you should an egress window to allow you to escape.
  • Draw a picture of your house; (see example pictures) mark each room, paths you can exit from, and a meeting spot outside.
  • It’s important once you have this plan to practice it with your family on a regular basis.
  • If you are trapped in a room never hide from the fire or firefighter, the smoke will always find you and firefighters are your friend. The closet or under your bed will not hide you from fire. Get to a window and get fresh air and yell for help, if you hear a firefighter call for you answer them so they can find you quicker. 


  • A lot of fires are started by curious children playing with matches or cigarette lighters. Curiosity gets the best of them and the fire gets out of hand. Talk to your parents about the right way to use matches or lighters and never abuse them.
  • Fire will double in size every minute, the time it take you to call 9-1-1 and report the fire and the time it take the fire department to show up could 5 to 7 minutes or longer so the fire has had time to get bigger.
  • Always have an adult help light candles and never leave them unattended, make sure they are out before leaving a room or going to bed.


Fire Station
501 E. Edwardsville Rd.  Wood River, IL 62095
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Wood River Fire Dept.   111 N. Wood River Ave.  Wood River, IL 62095